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State law requires we ask for your employer and occupation. If you have no occupation or employer, do not leave blank. For occupation, use general terms such as "homemaker," "retired," or "unemployed." If self employed, for employer please use the name of your business.
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Contributions made to Kiley for Assembly 2016 are subject to the limitations and prohibitions of the California Political Reform Act. Contributions may be made to a maximum of $4,200 per election and per entity with an entity defined as an individual, business, corporation or PAC. “Small Contributor PAC’s” may contribute up to $8,500 per election. Contributions or gifts made to Kiley for Assembly 2016 are not tax deductible.

My campaign is working hard to educate California citizens about the consequences of Prop. 47 and to create a mandate for reform. You can help us continue to expand our coalition by making a small contribution to my campaign. 

Thank you for your support!

-Kevin Kiley
Fmr. Deputy Attorney General
Candidate for the California State Legislature