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Water Solutions to Secure our Future


As your Assembly Member, I will prioritize reforms for a fresh, clean, and sustainable water supply.

Improved Storage California experiences cycles of wet and dry years. Modernizing our storage and expanding capacity can help ensure that water from the wet years is available for the dry years.

Better Drainage Many of California's storm dams are still engineered to release water into the Pacific. Our state's drainage systems should be modernized so that captured water is used to recharge our aquifers and groundwater basins.

Regional Sustainability As much as possible, regions should become self-sufficient. That means investing both in recycling and local water projects, and it means protecting our rivers and lakes, especially Folsom, to ensure the long-term health of the local environment.

Modernized Regulations Regulations governing water conservation, reclamation, recycling, and storage need to be updated and simplified to meet modern needs. To the extent possible, they should be streamlined so good projects do not end up in endless litigation or bureaucratic processes. 

Desalination Converting salt water into fresh water is standard practice in many maritime countries with dry climates, including Australia, Singapore, and Israel. California should invest in infrastructure that takes advantage of the Pacific Ocean to increase the supply of fresh water. 

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