This is Not “The End of California”

I recently had the opportunity to tour the Delta, which supplies water to most Californians. Protecting our water supply will be my first priority in the state legislature.

Water is a basic human need. It should not be a partisan issue. We should see our present challenges not as The End of California as we know it (pace the New York Times), but as an opportunity to renew our state’s greatness by coming together for a common purpose.

We have an ample toolbox for overcoming the drought and securing the future, if only we put politics aside and work together on long-term solutions. This includes modernizing our storage and other infrastructure. And it means applying tools such as water markets, desalination, reclamation, recycling, and restoration where necessary to protect supplies.

I want to do my part to put our state on the right track. But I need your help. Please sign up to volunteer for the campaign.