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Tax Reform

California has the country’s highest income tax and fifth highest corporate tax, as well as its highest sales tax and third highest gas tax. Such perverse exceptionalism is largely responsible for California's disappointing economic performance, which over the last seven years has witnessed at least 9,000 businesses divest from the state, an average of 25 businesses per week. Fmr. Deputy Attorney General Kevin Kiley supports reforms that lower tax rates and hold government agencies accountable for their spending.

Stop Tax Rises: Kevin opposes any new taxes. This includes:

  • the split roll tax
  • the services tax
  • the property tax surcharge
  • extending Prop. 30

Lowering Taxes  Californians from top to bottom of the income distribution are taxed more than residents of any other state. Kevin will fight on behalf of individuals and businesses for lower taxes.

Stabilize Government Spending Over the last 15 years state spending has more than doubled. Kevin supports reforms that hold government agencies accountable for their spending, and that make the costs of running the government commensurate with the costs of running a business.

Protect Prop 13 Kevin will to resist any change to Prop 13, an essential measure for stemming tax increases and keeping property taxes predictable and affordable. 

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