Prop. 47 Petition

In the last year crime rates spiked across California, the first significant rise in criminal activity since realignment. In Roseville, violent crime is up 21%; robbery, 72%. In Sacramento, homicide is up 37%; robbery, 25%; and aggravated assault, 23%. In San Francisco, robberies have increased by 23% and car break-ins by 47%.

The spike is attributable to Prop. 47, an initiative passed in November 2014 that downgraded several categories of felonies to misdemeanors. This includes theft of a firearm, identity fraud, and possession of drugs intended to commit date rape. The law’s effects are clear:

Public Safety: Tens of thousands of criminals with a history of violent offenses have qualified for reduced punishment or early release under the resentencing provisions of Prop. 47.

Property Theft: Prop. 47 eliminated felony prosecution for most instances of property theft, regardless of the offender’s prior theft convictions. This has led to the rise of so-called frequent fliers, career criminals who avoid the risk of long prison sentences by taking care only to steal property worth less than $950. 

Rehabilitation: Prop. 47 has deprived prosecutors of the discretion to charge drug offenders with a felony. The unintended consequence has been declining enrollment in rehabilitative drug programs across the state (by up to 60% in some counties). That’s because prosecutors have traditionally used the leverage of a possible felony sentence to pressure drug offenders into accepting treatment as an alternative to prison.

Prop. 47 is ineffective and dangerous public policy. Please join our grassroots movement to undue this threat to public safety by signing your name below.

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