Bring the PEPPER Deduction to California

Introducing: The PEPPER Deduction
Many Californians relied on the State and Local Tax deduction (SALT) to ease their tax burden. Now, that deduction is all but gone.  Democrats in Sacramento call this "double taxation." That's why Assemblyman Kevin Kiley has introduced the PEPPER deduction (Prosperous Economy and Payer Protection by Equitable Rates).
Since you can no longer fully deduct state taxes on your federal tax return (SALT), you should be able to deduct federal taxes on your state return (PEPPER). This will restore the full benefit of SALT. It will prevent double taxation. It will give Californians much-deserved tax relief.

Six other states have PEPPER deductions. It is time for California to join them.

Help Assemblyman Kevin Kiley bring the PEPPER Deduction to California, by signing his petition today.

I support the PEPPER Deduction