Kevin Kiley Strongly Opposed to High-Speed Rail and Twin Tunnels

Don't be fooled by opponent's attack mail. Here's where Kevin stands:

A former Deputy Attorney General, Kevin Kiley has long been an opponent of Governor Brown's controversial legacy projects. Earlier this year he told the Sacramento Bee that "the bullet train being pushed by Gov. Jerry Brown is a colossal waste of tax dollars. California needs to put resources into repairing our roads and highways, increasing water storage and other vital infrastructure projects."

On the Twin Tunnels, Kiley said, "I cannot support a project that would use eminent domain to seize farms and cost upwards of $50 billion when it is all said and done while potentially damaging the Delta’s already-fragile ecosystem."

Kevin Kiley is the frontrunner in the Sixth District Assembly Race. He is endorsed by former Governor Pete Wilson, the California Small Business Association, and the Republican Taxpayers' Association.