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A 21st Century Economy

Reforms that promote innovation are essential to fueling job growth and sustaining California's competitiveness within a dynamic 21st century economy. Fmr. Deputy Attorney General Kevin Kiley supports policies that make it easier to do business in our state, that encourage job creation, and that give students the tools they need to succeed in the modern workforce. As your Assembly Member, Kevin will fight for:

Tax and Regulatory Reform:

  • Lower Taxes Businesses can thrive when taxes are low, fair, and predictable. Kevin supports reducing the corporate and individual tax rates to stimulate business activity in California and to stem the tide of companies relocating to other states.
  • Streamlined Regulation Excessive regulation stifles innovation and imposes considerable expense on small businesses, which shoulder an average of $134,122 in compliance costs every year. Kevin supports reviewing existing regulations to reassess their relevance, streamline implementation, and reduce costs of compliance. 
  • Faster Permitting It can take more than eight months to open a business in California. Kevin supports reforms to streamline the permitting process to allow a business to open its doors in a matter of weeks.

Education Reform:

  • Technology A 21st century education is impossible without access to wireless Internet and competency in computer usage. To prepare students for a digital economy, Kevin supports measures to increase the availability of technology in the classroom. 
  • Effective Teachers The best and brightest must be attracted to the classroom. Kevin supports giving teachers the resources they need to succeed and providing compensation to retain outstanding educators.
  • Innovation Parents must have access to reliable, accessible data on the performance of schools, so that they can select a school that best fits the needs of their child. That includes schools that innovate with blended learning, flipped classrooms, and independent study.
  • Student-Centered Classrooms Tax dollars should be spent at schools in service of students. They should not be spent to expand bureaucracies that are not student-centered.
  • Civic Education While our education system must adapt to changing economic conditions, Kevin believes students must receive a strong foundation of American values from an early age.

  • Skills Rote learning has less value in an age when information is widely accessible on handheld devices. A 21st century education requires a renewed focus on skills-based learning, critical thinking, and creativity.
  • Vocational Training Kevin supports expanded opportunities for vocational training and career counseling in California high schools.
  • Affordable College Kevin favors measures to control administrative costs in our world-class college and university systems so that a California college education remains affordable to California students.

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