Preparing for El Niño

A recent report from Stanford University predicts this winter's El Niño will be among the strongest on record. The extra rain will not solve California's water crisis. But it does carry the potential to replenish our aquifers and groundwater basins, which are nearly depleted after four years of drought.

Recharging our underground storage requires infrastructure that can capture rainwater and manage it long enough so it seeps into the ground. And yet, after four years of drought, many of California's storm dams and drainage systems are still engineered to release water into the Pacific. We have the tools to modernize this infrastructure, but dated laws and regulations often impede timely solutions.

We can no longer afford to squander opportunities to make critical and urgent investments in our storage and drainage systems. Join the campaign to bring new leadership to Sacramento.

Of course, modernizing our storage is only one tool among many for overcoming the drought and securing our future. We also must utilize water markets, desalination, reclamation, recycling, and restoration where necessary to protect supplies. Water should not be a political issue. With the right leadership, we can work towards practical solutions that bring us together for a common purpose.

This message of pragmatism and reform is resonating. Every day our campaign is recruiting more volunteers, reaching new audiences, and receiving additional pledges of support. Please sign up here to join the movement.