California Small Business Association Endorses Kevin Kiley

ROSEVILLE, CA — Today Republican Kevin Kiley announced receiving the endorsement of the California Small Business Association (CSBA). CSBA is one of the most recognizable small business advocacy groups in the State of California. Their purpose is to give California’s small businesses a voice in shaping legislation at the state and federal level that affects small businesses.

“I am proud to have the endorsement of the California Small Business Association,” said Kevin Kiley. “Seventy percent of all new jobs created in our area come from small businesses. It is a shame that Sacramento passes so many laws that are so unfriendly to the job creators of our state. As Assemblyman I will always work to reduce burdensome regulations, keep taxes low and encourage small business growth.”

Former Deputy Attorney General Kevin Kiley is the leading candidate to succeed Assemblywoman Beth Gaines in the election for the 6th Assembly District. Kiley has secured notable endorsements, such as Governor Pete Wilson and the Sacramento Bee.