A Note from the Campaign Manager

We’re now nearly three months into the Assembly race, and I thought I’d take a moment to share some notes from the campaign trail. Our district has half a million people, and a few other candidates have entered the race. We will need to work hard to stay ahead in fundraising so that Kevin will become our area’s next Assemblyman.

But by several key metrics, we have taken early leadership of the race.

Donations: In the first reporting cycle, we raised over $1,200 a day, exceeding the average performance of even incumbent state legislators.

Endorsements: We have more state-level endorsements than any other candidate. We also have the most endorsements from elected officials in two of the three counties that comprise the district.

Grassroots Support: We received nearly 200 contributions in the first cycle, and reported twice as many contributions as any other candidate. We also have the strongest grassroots support, as measured by engagement with social media.

This is a great start, and speaks to the desire for new leadership that will work to secure California’s future.